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Mango is the king of fruit and we all know the benefits of mango, but what about mango leaves? Mango leaves also contain numerous health benefits like a mango.

Most people don’t know the mango leaves benefits, that’s why they ignore them. But mango leaves benefits will surprise you, because it will treat the numerous health-related issues and make your body healthy.

Keep reading to know about the mango leaves benefits and their uses.

Do Mango Trees Lose Their Leaves

The mango tree develops into the large, canopy densely filled with foliage. Mango trees are classified as an evergreen, which means that mango tree leaves are doesn’t lose during the winter months.

But the mango tree leaves are drop periodically every year. It can create a messy appearance around and under the tree.

Leaves are shiny and fleshy with a sharp tip. Mango tree leaves are rich in antioxidants properties.

Mango tree leaves are also has been using into numerous medicines, it can be cooked and eaten in Southeast Asia.

Nutritional Values of mango tree leaves

Mango tree leaves are rich in vitamin A, B, C, it also contains all the essential nutrients which is important. It contains potassium, dietary fiber proteins, beta carotene, and phenolic.

According to the study, mango tree leaves contain antibacterial properties, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic properties.

Uses Of Mango Leaves

  • Drinking Mango leaves water in the morning
  • Making mango leaves tea
  • Boiling mango leaves and bathing with this water
  • Using mango leaves powder for treating skin issues.
  • Using mango leaves ash for treating the skin problems or burns



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