Dalana Cormier
by on January 22, 2021
So I never heard this term before. It is a term they use in the medical field. They teach MED students to think horse when you hear good beats. Meaning think of the obvious first. Zebra are rare and horses are common.
So when you go into a doctor's office that is what they do. They treat you like your normal. They don't want to do the work to find out what your disease is.
I have found out my diseases on my own. And had to fight the doctors to get them to diagnose me.
It was a long and hard process. I was 36 when I started to find out how sick I was.
But I had been sick since I was a kid. I knew I had scoliosis. And my spine was completely fused.
No doctor could figure out why I was always in so much pain.
The doctors would just tell me we don't know why you're in so much pain, sorry. But you will probably keep getting sicker. Good luck.
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