by on April 29, 2021

Say that for this post pandemic season, you have decided to cut costs and do as much of your landscaping on your own instead of hiring a professional landscaping company. Here are 5 things you should have done before you get started.

1. Never try to repair your sprinkler system yourself. Automatic sprinkler systems can be very temperamental and when tampered with can break very easily. The cost of a small repair or maintenance by a professional sprinkler system company is minimal as compared to replacing the entire system. So, if you are having any types of issues with your sprinkler system, call in the professionals.

2. Do your research before buying your plants, trees, flowers, and bushes. Some plants will grow out of control and will be hard to keep on top of. Speak to your local gardening store rep to figure out what will work for you and make sure to point out that you will be doing the work on your own so they will steer you towards easier to grow plants. 

3. Be consistent! water your plants and grass on a consistent schedule, mow your lawn on a regular basis, and weed out the weeds regularly. This will keep things growing properly and symmetrically.

4. Get the proper equipment. If you don't have a proper lawn mower, weed wacker, or pruning tools the work will take you double as long and will not come out looking nearly as nice as you would like it to.

5. Don't try all new techniques and flowers at once. Remember that your local landscaper built up to where his knowledge is all encompassing. The more you work on landscaping the better you will get at it and the nicer it will come out. There is always another season to try out more techniques and such.

If you are doing-it-yourself this summer then remember to have fun, wear sun screen, and hydrate both you, your plants, grass, and flowers. Enjoy!

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