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4g car gps tracker is widely used in vehicle positioning, monitoring, management, anti-theft, tracking and other purposes. Some users will worry about whether the installation of the tracker will affect the safety of the vehicle. To answer this question, we must first understand the working principle of the tracker.

In fact, the 4g car gps tracker only uses the vehicle battery for power supply. All other work is operated independently and has nothing to do with the vehicle. The location queried on the mobile phone or computer is actually the location of the tracker, not the vehicle itself.

Therefore, the installation of Beidou/GPS locator has no effect on the vehicle. All models can be installed as long as there is a battery.

But you should pay attention to the following two points when installing

When installing, be sure to wrap the wire that takes the power to avoid the positive pole being exposed, so as to avoid the fault caused by the short circuit of the line.

When installing, please use cable ties or double-sided tape to fix the device to avoid loosening of the interface caused by the device shaking.

4g car gps tracker

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