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Now, professional equipment such as GPS technology that can provide accurate data in all aspects is more and more popular in various industries. It can be found everywhere from car deals to used equipment rentals. The equipment is easy to use, but if there are more people using it, it will involve a difficult problem. How long can this equipment continue to maintain the working condition for a long time? Like a large-scale machine used in a project, if the car locator device can only be used for one to two hours, the time spent on replacing the car locator device will cost a lot. Now let's briefly talk about the standby time problem of related GPS devices.

GPS device, what we mainly talk about here is the car locator device that we know the most. Its working time is not only closely related to the power supply, but also related to the user's usage habits and the frequency of information transmission.

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Two common types of locators on the market are wired and wireless car locator devices. The wired car locator device is constantly connected to the power line of the vehicle, so as long as the vehicle is powered, the GPS device can continue to operate unless the power of the locator is cut off. And the current wired locator usually has an emergency power supply, in other words, even if the power supply of the device and the power supply of the vehicle are cut off, the car locator device can still work for several hours.

The wireless locator has a built-in mobile power supply, it does not need to consider wiring problems, and the characteristics of strong magnetic adsorption make it relatively convenient to install, basically not subject to location constraints. However, the disadvantage is that although the wireless car locator device has a built-in power supply, the power storage capacity is limited, and it does not support permanent operation. When the power of the battery is exhausted, the device will automatically turn off and stop working. This type of locator, for the rental category, can complete long-term standby for about 3 years.

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However, it should be noted that the data for long-term standby is based on the system default setting of uploading information once a day. You can also set the data to upload 24 hours a day in the background, but in this way, the power of the power supply will be quicker exhausted. It runs out in about a week. Therefore, regarding this kind of locator, it is necessary to adjust the working mode professionally.

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