Bible Believing Christians
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This is a safe haven for Christians to gather on idobbinate. The only two things i request is that if we talk politics, let's do it thru a Christian world view, and that we really TALK to each other, real discussions, real fellowship.
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Marriage Matters
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I may get some backlash over this, I don't care. I'm not into this "trans" thing, or this whole "gay marriage" deal. Personally, I believe it to be wrong and sick. Your belief will no doubt differ. My point is that traditional marriage does matter! Parents are allowing the government to raise their kids and those some kids are part of what happened in Washington D.C. on 01/06/21 at the Capital building. How many of those that were in on that mess had some serious upbringing and got caught up in the moment  and how many were let grow up with no guidance? I can't say but something is really wrong. Our government believes we should let THEM control things. We've seen how well that DOESN'T work. MARRIAGE MATTER! EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY!!!
Lost Lives Matter
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We have BLM (Black Lives Matter), we have WLM (White Lives Matter) and a host of other too numerous to mention. LLM is about the lost...the ones that don't know Christ and His saving Grace. Am I perfect? Nope! Am I good enough to do this? I hope to try to the best of my ability. The lost matters. The one lost sheep mattered to the Shepherd enough for Him to leave the flock and go in search of the one. It would seem only fair that we do the same. Jesus didn't come to heal the well...he came to seek the lost, the sick, the broken, and to give them life everlasting!