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This Group Is For Those Who Have Taken "The Oath", And Those Who Believe In What "The Oath" Stands For. Active or Former, Guard or Reserve, LEO or Civilian. If You Believe In All The Constitution Stands For, You Are Welcome Here.
Canadians fighting for Canada
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People are tired of what present days politics, the globalism of the world and the authoritarian or totalitarian actions. Is this you? This has nothing to do with the current issues involved with COVID 19 but it is one of the things that is a catalysts that fuels the fire. People talk about separation and unification in the same breath, so which is it? Let's talk about solutions, no sniping or insults just a good simple conversation. Our system needs to be changed from the monarchy style governing we have had to date to one similar but not exactly like the Constitution and Amendments of the US. Our laws have been written for the betterment of companies, not you and I the taxpayer. I encourage people to learn about an area and have fact over fiction but opinions on how to word something works.
Robert Hodgson
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Rev Kathryn O'Neill
Americans Fighting for America
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Our Mission is to support Trump & MAGA through the election of politicians that will support the US Constitution and American's First GROUP CONDUCT CODE: Thank You to each of you for being a part of our Trump family. Each and every one of you makes this group with your fantastic information, idea exchange, and fair debate the great group it is. We would like to welcome the new comers and provide guidance on what should/should not be posted. Any questions, please contact one of the ADMINS or MODs. 1. Please do not post violent photos or videos. Articles explaining the atrocities are sufficient. This includes human and animals. 2. Please do not use vulgarities (F bombs, C Bombs, etc) in your posts or meme’s . A well thought out response can go further than a string of obscenities. 3. RESPECT OTHER MEMBERS. Please do not resort to name calling another member. Disagreements with a member is ok. Express your point of view, in a well thought out argument rather without obscenities or insults. Using vulgarities or degrading words (stupid, idiot, fool) in responding will not be tolerated. Last resort …. Agree to disagree. Not every member has the same opinion as you. If your exchange becomes “heated”, please take your discussion off line in a PM. 4. If you see any of the above, please tag one of the ADMINS or MODs. To “TAG” an ADMIN or MOD, simply put our names in the comment section – it is fine to notify all the ADMINS or MODs in the comment section. It will turn colors and will appear in our comments. If you prefer, you can also PM us. We will address the problem as soon as it comes in the que as reported. 5. We do not allow selling of items on our site. 6. Please do not use permalinks without prior approval from the site owner . 7. Please do not add your address book to the member que. If your friends are proven Trump Supporters, then we welcome them with open arms. If they are not Trump Supporters, then please do not submit them for consideration. All potential members are vetted before allowed into group.
Cracker Nation Unite
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We stand for the disenfranchised, for the abandoned, for the voices in the Wilderness that Facebook & others have ABANDONED!  We are crackalicious!  We are political visionaries who recognize the GOP is rapidly becoming a corpse shell of its former self.  It's time for a MAGA Party.  I dont see the GOP EVER recovering from this STUPIDITY two days ago on 1-6-2021.  JOIN US!