Sell and /or Buying old and new items
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This group is created for selling or buying items. Mostly small items that can be shipped.. anyone can sell. you are responsible for your own items.if you say you want an item that is binding. please follow thru with the sale. if you don't i will remove you. i use paypal mostly. other can use what they like. the transaction is between the sellers and the buyers. i have sold on ebay and facebook. I have been admin. i a few groups but still learning as i go i have groups throughout the internet. i have a big inventory of items if you are looking for something i might have it. As i am going rules might be added
2A Supporters
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Not to be an ass...but if the admins can't see your profile, we are not accepting your membership. Trying to keep this to real 2A Supporters. Thanks. Group for 2nd Amendment Supporters, and Gun Enthusiast, Patriots, etc. Please be respectful toward one another Remember not everyone can afford a $3k gun. We are all on the same side here, we believe the Constitution is law. If you don't please understand this group may not be for you. Besides that...??‍♂️
Dennis Hood
Tsalagi (Cherokee) Life
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Cherokee (Tsalagi) Life.     Indigenous Cherokee Tradition. 7 Clans. Mother Earth. For Native Americans and all relations. Group creater name: Adiwi Tawodusdi Svnoye-(Audrey Little nighthawk)   Please keep things respectful here and share only things that are pertinent to this group. Created: 12/22/2020            
David Snow
Elise Pauley