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THE FREAKIN' IRONY OF THIS VIDEO! This video was accidentally auto-filtered by NBC Universal. This video falls under FAIR USE and also has permission from the author, Tracy Torme, the man himself, to be uploaded. I have filed a dispute, as the automatic system has not taken into account the FAIR USE of this video and the fact that the author has given me permission to use this clip. (Which, by the way, he sent to me.) BUT HERE COMES THE IRONY!
This video was uploaded to teach students NOT ONLY OF FAIR USE LAWS but also as an example of the kind of NONSENSE that goes on at a site like YouTube, where content that CLEARLY falls under fair use, GOES THROUGH A BUNCH OF RED TAPE BY BIG BUSINESSES which, DON'T EVEN KNOW THE LAW. In this video, it shows how ridiculous a world with so many legalities can be. And IRONICALLY, THIS VIDEO HAS FALLEN VICTIM TO THE RIDICULOUSNESS THAT IS BEING TAUGHT IN THE VIDEO. Normal users SHOULD NOT have to dispute FAIR USE.
A VIDEO TEACHING ABOUT THE NONSENSE THAT IS RED TAPE, WAS BEEN A VICTIM OF THE "RED TAPE." THAT IS THE IRONY! So, thank you YouTube's faulty programming & NBC Universal's attempt at joining the poorly coded Content ID program, for teaching the lesson outlined.
Original Description and Commentary:
In this teaser intro that was eventually attached to the episode "Greatfellas," Professor Arturo and Rembrandt Brown attempt to order a burger on a world filled with lawyers.
While a humorous scene, it's not wrong in it's outlook reflecting our own world. Everything is taken too seriously in this world, and if you think the scene in this video is outrageous and unrealistic.... the truth is, this type of scenario happens more times than you'd think.
Governments censoring things saying that it's for our protection... Greedy corporations suing random YouTube users over petty things like using snippets from their shows, or commercials. People getting in a fuss about everything, under fear of legal action being taken.
This small clip speaks the truth about our world in this day and age more than ever.
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